Distance Markers

This page shows you how to find our 1 mile, 1200 m, 1000 m, and 600 m marks if you’re doing the run from the 858 MG location’s garage door.

On Mission Gorge Place, the mile marker is just past this tree.


The 1200m mark is this middle of this steep driveway.  Note the garage doors and red on both sides.  The second picture is the address marker of this building.


I’ll add to this one soon but it’s our 1K marker.  As you turn and run past our 800m mark, there are 3 steel poles.  This plate is just past them.


The “glassware shop” and this lounge are right next to the 600m mark.  The second picture shows you the transition on the ground, turn at the pole.


At the start of the steps of the Chinese Restaurant is the 300m mark.