Rainy Day WOD

In SoCal at least, it's hard to get people to run when it's raining... Since I know that even though you don't want to get wet, you want to do some endurance work, here's a rowing workout... Warm-Up Row 2 minutes at the following stroke rates, going up every 30 seconds: 24-26-28-30 (SPM) Just like … Continue reading Rainy Day WOD


Short Time Trial and Long Rowing Intervals

Been a while since we tested our mile... Then some endurance work on the rower.  If you don't remember where our mile line is at MG:  here you go... Warm-up Skills and drills: focus on pulling, cadence drills.  Make sure you're warm and ready before our little test. Workout 1-mile time trial Rest 5 minutes, … Continue reading Short Time Trial and Long Rowing Intervals

Alternating Mixed Interval Row

Warm-up Row 300m, Dynamic warm-up Workout Two rounds of: Row 8 minutes for distance 4 minute rest Row 2 minutes for distance 2 minute rest Notes: Set the drag factor between 120-140. Work for max distance on each interval. Remain consistent and try to beat the previous distance traveled with each attempt.