Another Tempo 5k

It's been a while, let's do a tempo 5k and see how we do...  Quick reminder: I'm not in class on this Thursday so you're on your own, good thing you're all grown-ups! Warm-up If you're not sure what "Tempo Run" is, start with: What's a Tempo Run? Drills: Choose the two skills you think you … Continue reading Another Tempo 5k


Descending Short Intervals w/Tight Rest (400s/200s)

Time Change:  We're working out at 6pm on Thursdays at 858 MG! Warm-up Two rounds, one slow, one fast: 200 m run 12 Russian KB Swings 12 Air Squats Then 25 m each direction (garage door turn right, down-and-back @MG) of: Carioca arms-out core tight! Side-lunges 5 single-leg pulls each side into a run Workout … Continue reading Descending Short Intervals w/Tight Rest (400s/200s)

Short and Simple Intervals (300m)

Warm-up 400 m run, power-skips, butt-kickers, Carioca Mobilize: ankles, feet Drills 30-60 seconds of banded fall drill, work on changing “speeds” Box pulls Workout 8 x 300 m, 1-minute rest between intervals Finisher AMRAP 5: 30 Double-Unders 20 Russian KB Swings


Sorry for the delay posting this...  This is a retest, compare to 2017-04-11 This is one of the classic CrossFit Endurance benchmarks. You won't need a finisher... Warm-Up 400 m run, dynamic mobility, activation drills Drills Cadence pulls against the wall Jump rope pulls and run Workout 3 Rounds for total time: 200m 400m 600m Work … Continue reading Tosh