Two Halves, Two Miles

Warm-Up 400 m run 15 air squats 10 Russian KB Swings 10 American KB Swings Dynamic mobility Drills Single leg pulls Box/curb pulls Soft jump lands Workout 2 x 800 m run 2 x 1-mile run Rest 4 minutes between intervals. Finisher Two 3-minute AMRAPs of: 12 American KB Swings (53/35) 12 Overhead lunges (30/20) … Continue reading Two Halves, Two Miles


Ascending Long Interval Sets

Warm-Up 5 minutes of cadence work Start at 90/180 Every minute, go up by 1/2. 90 seconds of banded fall drill 30 seconds at medium speed 30 seconds faster 30 seconds right at the edge of falling on your face... Workout For total time: 800 m 2 minute rest 800 m 3 minute rest 800 … Continue reading Ascending Long Interval Sets