Two Halves, Two Miles

Warm-Up 400 m run 15 air squats 10 Russian KB Swings 10 American KB Swings Dynamic mobility Drills Single leg pulls Box/curb pulls Soft jump lands Workout 2 x 800 m run 2 x 1-mile run Rest 4 minutes between intervals. Finisher Two 3-minute AMRAPs of: 12 American KB Swings (53/35) 12 Overhead lunges (30/20) … Continue reading Two Halves, Two Miles


Ascending Long Interval Sets

Warm-Up 5 minutes of cadence work Start at 90/180 Every minute, go up by 1/2. 90 seconds of banded fall drill 30 seconds at medium speed 30 seconds faster 30 seconds right at the edge of falling on your face... Workout For total time: 800 m 2 minute rest 800 m 3 minute rest 800 … Continue reading Ascending Long Interval Sets

Mixed Modality Short Intervals

Warm-Up 200 m run 500 m row warm and drills 100 m legs only 100 m arms only 200 m full cycle Rest 30 seconds 100 m strapless row (feet not attached to rower)   Drills Pull drills single leg pulls pose-jacks Box pulls Workout AMRAP 16: 400 m run 500 m row NB: there’s … Continue reading Mixed Modality Short Intervals


Mixed Intervals (600/400)

Warm-up 2 rounds: 200 m run 20 Russian KB Swings 2 inch worms 2 perfect lunges Drills Dynamic mobility: carioca (arms out), power skips Pose-Jacks Wall drills, 10 changes of support and fall into 50 run Workout 4 rounds (30 minute cap) 400 m run rest 1:1 600 m run rest 1:1 Try to keep … Continue reading Mixed Intervals (600/400)


Long Time-Based Intervals (4 min)

Warm-Up 2 minutes at 70% 2 minutes at 80% Drills Dynamic mobility high knees, carioca 4 minutes of rising cadence work Workout 5-6 Rounds 4 minutes "On" 3 minutes rest If you're still keeping pace and in control of your form on the 5th round, then do the 6th. Wait 5 minutes at then... accumulate … Continue reading Long Time-Based Intervals (4 min)


Simple Long Intervals (600m)

This is intended as a long interval workout.  If your 600 m run is at or below 2 minutes, you should probably use this as your short interval workout for the week. Warm-Up Twice: 300 m run 10 alternating one-legged toe touches 10 air squats with a brief pause use a small band or slingshot … Continue reading Simple Long Intervals (600m)


Simple Short Intervals (400m)

Warm-Up 400 m run 15 Russian KBS 10 alternating goblet lunges Drills Lean/fall drills, in POSE Make sure your position is stacked before you lean POSE Jacks Cadence, 2 minutes at a fast pace Workout 8 x 400 m run rest 2 minutes between intervals Finisher and Mobility work 5 rounds: 8 hang-power cleans (115/85) … Continue reading Simple Short Intervals (400m)