Three Mile Time Trial


This is test day so your warm-up is normally your own.  That said, here’s something to try:

  • 400 m run
  • high knees down – butt-kickers back
  • twice: 10 in-place change of position, 5 single leg pulls each side, run it out
  • Cadence to warm things up:
    • 90 seconds at 94-96
    • 90 seconds at 98-102


3 mile time trial

Record this one, it’s a benchmark!  If you’ve run with me, you know my spiel on this…

This is not a jog/fun-run:  This is a timed test, all out.  No running buddy but you can compete with someone if you like.

If you’re running at 858MG, mile turnaround is at 4607 Mission Gorge Pl.  Otherwise, use a track, GPS, or MapMyRun to find a three mile course you can retest on later.


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