Two Mile Test

It’s been a year, time to retest this.  Normally, I’m all for social running, but when you test, you test alone… just you and the road.  — Compare to 5/7/2016


  • 400 m run
  • high knees down – butt-kickers back
  • twice: 10 in-place change of position, 5 single leg pulls each side, run it out
  • 2 minutes at 94-96
  • 1 minute at 98-102


2 mile time trial

Record this one, it’s a benchmark!  This is not a jog/fun-run:  This is a timed test, all out.

If you’re running at 858MG, turn around at 4607 Mission Gorge Pl.  Otherwise, use a track, GPS, or MapMyRun to find a two mile course you can retest on later.


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