Simple Long Intervals (1200m)

Warm-Up 600 m run Dynamic mobility Drills Lunge-and-pulls, alternating legs (with a pull!) Wall falls, 10 changes of support into a 50 meter run Workout *4 rounds: 1200 m run 4 minute rest * Do the first three rounds.  If form, cadence, and pacing are still reasonable, then do the fourth. Finisher... Core Work 4 … Continue reading Simple Long Intervals (1200m)


EMOM-Style Short Intervals with a Bite…

Warm-Up Twice: 200 m run 5 burpees 8 American KB Swings 10 air squats Curb drills: 2x 5 pulls each side - back to curb 2x 5 pulls each side - side to curb Workout Every 3 minutes for 6 rounds: 400 m run Choose one of: 6 burpees 8 American Swings (53/35) Finisher / … Continue reading EMOM-Style Short Intervals with a Bite…

Simple Short Intervals w/Adaptive Rest

Warm-Up Twice: 300 m run 15 Russian Swings 10 Goblet Lunges Drills: Forward-and-back run 20 m forward, 10 m back until you cover 50 m. approximate distances, we care more about the pull-and-fall shift Front curb pulls Workout 8 x 300 m run Rest 60 seconds between intervals IF you are maintaining pace and form When […]

Simple Long Intervals (1k)

Warm-Up 400 m run 15 air squats 14 alternating side-lunges Dynamic mobility Drills Single leg pulls Box/curb pulls Soft jump lands Workout 4 x 1000 m run rest 3 minutes between intervals Finisher Two 3-minute AMRAPs of: 12 American KB Swings (53/35) 12 Overhead lunges (30/20) 36 Double-Unders 90 seconds between AMRAPs.