Simple Long Intervals


Cadence drill as warm-up!  One minute each at:

  • 90/180 – reminder this is as slow as you feet should EVER be!
  • 92/184
  • 94/188
  • 96/192

Don’t leave your feet on the floor… Lots of quick pulls

Grab a moderate weight kettlebell and do Russian swings.  Emphasize the HINGE rather than adding a squat element to your swing!  I’m all for squatting but not in the swing.  This is especially important for my quadsy runners.  This is about using your hamstrings and getting them active.  Obviously, your coaches, PTs, etc can help you fix this but since you are all self-starting independent people, you can get started on your own.  Here are some videos to help you out:

3 x 15 Russian KB Swings, get heavier each set IF form allows.

OK… is the posterior chain hot-and-active?  Let’s run!


  • 3-4 x 1200 m
  • work : rest is 1:1

Aim to make each split pretty close, you’ll have to fight hard.  Be honest with yourself.  If things are holding together form-wise and mostly close time-wise, do the 4th interval.

Track your split and let me know how you did.



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