Rising Short Interval Sets

Warm-Up 400 m run, 15 jumping air squats, 10 alternating side lunges Drills single leg pulls, down and back side curb drill, 20 on each side 3 minutes of cadence work One minute each: 92, 94, 96 Workout 4 x 200 m 1 minute between intervals 4 x 300 m 90 seconds between intervals 4 x 400 … Continue reading Rising Short Interval Sets


Simple Long Intervals

This is intended as a long interval workout.  If your 600 m run is at or below 2 minutes, you should probably use this as your short interval workout for the week. Warm-Up Twice: 300 m run 10 alternating one-legged toe touches 10 air squats with a brief pause use a small band or slingshot … Continue reading Simple Long Intervals


This is one of the classic CrossFit Endurance benchmarks. You won't need a finisher... Warm-Up 400 m run, dynamic mobility, activation drills Drills Cadence pulls against the wall Jump rope pulls and run Workout 3 Rounds for total time: 200m 400m 600m Work : Rest is 1:1 Workout Detail:  Rest the exact amount of time … Continue reading Tosh