Bonus: Descending Interval Row

I know, I already posted a two full workouts for the week.  So, here’s a little bonus WOD because… rowing builds character… and endurance.


  • Row 2 minutes at the following stroke rates, going up every 30 seconds:
    • 24-26-28-30 (SPM)

Just like cadence is important in running, it’s important in rowing as well!  Your goal is higher power output, like everything in CrossFit.  So, your goal is to make each pull count rather than pulling more often.  Long smooth accelerating pulls at a regular pace will get you more output over time than just being a hamster spinning its wheel as fast as possible.  

  • Now, do 1 more minute at your target rate for the workout.


For time (30 minute cap):

  • Row 100 / 85 calories
    • rest 4 minutes
  • Row 80 / 65 calories
    • rest 3 minutes
  • Row 60 / 50 calories
    • rest 2 minutes
  • Row 40 / 30 calories
    • rest 1 minute
  • Row 20 / 15 calories
    • Done!

Have a good weekend!



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