Simple Short Intervals w/Adaptive Rest

Warm-Up Twice: 300 m run 15 Russian Swings 10 Goblet Lunges Drills: Forward-and-back run 20 m forward, 10 m back until you cover 50 m. approximate distances, we care more about the pull-and-fall shift Front curb pulls Workout 8 x 300 m run Rest 60 seconds between intervals IF you are maintaining pace and form When … Continue reading Simple Short Intervals w/Adaptive Rest


A Little Spice for the Weekend

For my weekend warriors, this is a spicy little workout we did in the winter... it's metcon-meets-eWOD.  Enjoy... Warm-up 400 m run then, 2 rounds: 10 squats 10 lunges 5 burpees Dynamic mobility then… Drills Banded fall drill Lean/fall through at least 4 different speeds, getting faster as you go Metronome version Single leg pulls Workout … Continue reading A Little Spice for the Weekend

Alternating Mixed Interval Row

Warm-up Row 300m, Dynamic warm-up Workout Two rounds of: Row 8 minutes for distance 4 minute rest Row 2 minutes for distance 2 minute rest Notes: Set the drag factor between 120-140. Work for max distance on each interval. Remain consistent and try to beat the previous distance traveled with each attempt.