Tempo and Race-Pace Work


  • 4 minute rising cadence run
    • Start at 90/180 and go up by 2-3 per side every minute
  • Twice
    • 15 air squats
    • 8 side lunges each way
  • Banded hip-flexor stretches


If you are NOT prepping for a longer race any time soon:

If you ARE prepping for a race > 5K :

  • Take 400 – 600 m to find your race pace.
  • Stay near that pace (5 sec/mile faster – 15 sec / mile slower) for as long as possible
    • When you can’t keep it up any more, you’re done
    • Example:  if you plan on a 7 minute mile on race day, then you’ll need to keep it between 06:55 – 07:15
  • Target range is 30 – 65 minutes

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