Descending Long Intervals

Warm-Up 600 m run Banded Fall drill Pose-Jacks, 20 paces then run it out... twice! Workout 1 mile run 5 minute rest 1000 m run 4 minute rest 800 m run 3 minute rest 600 m run Your scores are your splits for each interval.  If you're doing the run from 858 MG, then this page … Continue reading Descending Long Intervals


Tempo and Race-Pace Work

Warm-up 4 minute rising cadence run Start at 90/180 and go up by 2-3 per side every minute Twice 15 air squats 8 side lunges each way Banded hip-flexor stretches Workout If you are NOT prepping for a longer race any time soon: 3 mile tempo run What's a tempo run? If you ARE prepping for … Continue reading Tempo and Race-Pace Work