Bonus WOD

Row 5 x 1000m, 3 minute break between intervals Make sure to warm up well and mobilize when you're done!


Burpee Short Intervals

Warm-up twice: 300 m run, 10 static lunges, 8 burpees Drills Banded falls Single leg pulls Workout 8 rounds: 7 burpees 300 m run 1 minute rest Finisher 3 rounds of: 10 GHD situps 10 glute-ham raises 10 back extensions  

Two Mile Retest

This is an opportunity to benchmark your two-mile run.  If you've been following along and recorded this one last time, you'll have something to compare to. Here's the previous one: Two Mile Test It includes a warm-up but obviously you can sub that out with whatever you need more drill time on:  positioning, falling, pulling, cadence … Continue reading Two Mile Retest