Short Intervals with Descending Rest

Warm-up Two rounds: 12 lunges 100 m run 12 squats 100 m run Dynamic warm-ups: lateral lunges, perfect lunges, inch-worms Drills: Carioca 10 changes of support slow, 10 fast into a run Pose Jacks into run Workout 2 rounds 200 m run 60 second rest 3 rounds 200 m run 45 second rest 3 rounds … Continue reading Short Intervals with Descending Rest


Deadlift-and-Run, Concluded

This is the last of the set of deadlift-and-run workouts.  If you have been doing this whole thing, you might better off starting with one of the others.  Unless you just like a challenge...  Warm-up 400 m run dynamic warm-up work (include inch-worms) curb drill, especially back-pulls Then 3 rounds 10 RDLs (start with barbell … Continue reading Deadlift-and-Run, Concluded

Another visit to the hill…

Warm-up Paced run over to the hill (1K) Dynamic mobility Drills on hillside Workout 8 Hill sprints walk back down to starting line. Rest 1 minute then: Run back to 858MG for time. Finisher 4 rounds: Sled pulls Make these fast, keep load moderate Two short sprints per round, one each way 10 GHD sit-ups  

Short and Shorter

Warm-up 400 m run, dynamic mobility Drills Single leg pulls into run Pose-jacks into run Curb drills, front and back Workout 5 x 400 m run 1 minute between intervals 5 x 200 m run 30 seconds between intervals   Finisher AMRAP 6: 30 double-unders 15 squats 10 push-ups