Lift and Run, Long Intervals

400 m run then 3 rounds (first round: just the bar, add warm-up weight every round):

  • 10 RDL
  • 20 Air Squats

4 minutes of cadence drills:

  • Start at 91 / 182 and raise it every 30 seconds

Warm-up for deadlifts, working your way up to your workout weight below.


4 rounds:

  • 10 deadlifts (185/135)
  • 1000 m run
  • 2:30 rest

This bears repeating:

Please, use your head about scaling the weights! These deadlifts are meant to just pop right up, especially in the early rounds.  This will be plenty challenging anyway and you can always go faster…



2 thoughts on “Lift and Run, Long Intervals

  1. Oh my that workout seems dreadful! I have been watching downton abbey so dreadful is in my vocabulary now. 😂😂😂 But seriously it does look wild. I can’t do it tomorrow because I’ll be party prepping and my older sister is in town. I’m wondering if I should not do it Monday like I would normally do if I was not doing a comp on Saturday. Seems like a lot with the WOD Monday too. Thoughts?? Andrea.



    1. This might be a bit much right now. You shouldn’t do any doubles the week of a competition and you should take the second half of the week off for sure. Might want the first part of the week to be lighter than usual as well.


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