Lift and Run, Long Intervals

400 m run then 3 rounds (first round: just the bar, add warm-up weight every round): 10 RDL 20 Air Squats 4 minutes of cadence drills: Start at 91 / 182 and raise it every 30 seconds Warm-up for deadlifts, working your way up to your workout weight below. Workout 4 rounds: 10 deadlifts (185/135) 1000 m … Continue reading Lift and Run, Long Intervals


Row and Throw, Long Intervals

Warm-up 3 minute row, improve your time / 500 by 15 seconds per minute (e.g first minute 2:30 pace, second minute 2:15 pace, ...) Dynamic mobility, Russian KB swings (hips back, focus on hamstrings) Workout 5 rounds: 1k row 25 wall ball shots 4 minute rest