Lift and Run, Long Intervals

Warm-up 400 m run then two rounds of: 12 Russian KBS 10 KB RDL 8 Goblet Squats A little dynamic mobility then... Drills Single leg pulls into run Pose-jacks into run 3 minutes of cadence work Start at 92 / 184 and raise it every 30 seconds Warm-up for deadlifts, working your way up to … Continue reading Lift and Run, Long Intervals


Short Run-Row Interval Mix

Warm-up 200 m run 450 m row 150 m legs only 150 m arms only 150 m full cycle Basic dynamic mobility Drills Curb drill: both sides, then back Hopping drills Workout 4 rounds: 400 m run 500 m row 2 minute rest NB: NO REST between run and row! Finisher AMRAP 7min 10 med-ball cleans … Continue reading Short Run-Row Interval Mix