Short and Consistent


400m run, 4 perfect lunges, 3 inch worms, 15 air squats

  • Curb-drills
    • Side: work on deloading from shoulders
    • Front: step off and pull
  • 10 Pose-jacks into run


6-8 x 400 m

  • 2 minute rest between intervals
  • Try to be consistent (< 5-6 second variance)
  • If you’re still able to be consistent add the last round or two but if form falls apart:
    • stop at 6.
    • Or when form degrades, do the last rounds as tempo work: 80% effort but consistent pull and rhythm.
  • Record your best and worst times.

Finisher and Mobility

  • If you did a lifting workout or CF WOD within the last 3-12 hours:
    • banded couch stretch
    • banded hamstring raises
    • accumulate 2 minutes in a plank or 20 GHD sit-ups
  • If not, here’s a little optional burner:
    • AMRAP 6
      • 12 American KBS (53/35)
      • 8 box jumps (24/20)
      • 4 goblet squats

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