Some hill work… redux

If this WOD looks familiar it’s because I borrowed it… from myself.  Better warm-up included this time though.

Compare your results to March 2, 2016

Warm-Up and Skill Drills


  • 200 m run
  • 30 Russian KB Swings
  • 2 inch worms
  • 2 perfect lunges


  • Twice: Pull-jacks x 10 into run
  • Carioca – arms parallel to line of travel!
  • 3 on – 3 off hops for 50 m:
    • lean as little as possible to create forward motion (ON)
    • hop in place (off)
  • Single-leg pulls into run


8 Hill sprints

Rest 1 minute then:

Run back to 858MG for time. (about 1km)  Do not jog, RUN!


4 rounds:

  • Sled pulls
    • Keep the pace fast on these, adjust load accordingly
    • Two short sprints per round, one each way
  • 12 Wall Balls (outside)



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