Short and Consistent

Warm-up 400m run, 4 perfect lunges, 3 inch worms, 15 air squats Curb-drills Side: work on deloading from shoulders Front: step off and pull 10 Pose-jacks into run Workout 6-8 x 400 m 2 minute rest between intervals Try to be consistent (< 5-6 second variance) If you’re still able to be consistent add the last … Continue reading Short and Consistent


Another Trip In and Out of the Pain Cave

Warm-up 3 rounds: 200 m run (faster every time) 12 air squats 8 alternating lateral lunges (jump out of the bottom) Then... inch-worms, perfect lunges, calf stretch (stiff leg and bent knee) Pose-jacks and single-leg pulls WOD For total distance: 1 minute sprint 1 minute rest 1 minute sprint 50 seconds rest 1 minute sprint 40 … Continue reading Another Trip In and Out of the Pain Cave