Not as Short Interval Pairs

Warm-Up 400 m run Twice: 20 Russian swings 10 KB RDLs Both hands on the single bell in front of you Only go as deep as you can maintain your back arch Drills Banded fall drill Single-leg pulls Workout 4 rounds (1:1 ⇒ work : rest) 300 m run 600 m run Finisher AMRAP 6: … Continue reading Not as Short Interval Pairs


Tempo Run

Warm-up 400 meter run Carioca down/back Keep arms parallel to direction of travel Charlie's Angels drill front and back Cadence work: 2 minutes 94 / 188 1 minute 98 / 196 Workout 5K Tempo Run - run 5000m at 80-85% of your 1-mile pace   Mobility and Core 3 rounds: 1 minute plank bonus: round the world … Continue reading Tempo Run

Long Interval Pairs

Warm-up Pull drills: Curbs (sides) 10 change of position into a quick run Cadence work: Twice 400 m 94/188 200 m 100/200 Workout Three rounds: 600 m 1:30 rest 1000 m 2:30 rest Mobility / Core back extensions couch stretch For those not competing this weekend...