Short and Consistent


  • Curb drill: side then front/back, break into short run after each
  • Cadence drill:
    • 4 rounds
      • 1 minute on
      • 30 seconds off
      • Increase cadence 2 bpm (per side) each round
        • Start at 94/188


6-8 x 400 m

  • 1 : 1 work-rest ratio
  • Try to be consistent (< 5-6 second variance)
  • If you’re still able to be consistent add the last round or two but if form falls apart, stop at 6.
    • Optionally, when form degrades, do the last rounds as cadence work: 80% effort but consistent pull and rhythm.
  • Record your best and worst times.


  • If you did the 858 workout today (may-18-2016), mobilize and call it a day!
  • If not, then:
    • 5 rounds of Cindy, for time

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