Long Intervals, 1k loops


Drills: Use your judgment and choose the two skills you think you need the most work with…

  1. Pose:
    • change of position
    • wall drills
  2. Falling
    1. In-place banded fall
      1. if you are doing with group, banded falls
    2. Curb drill, sides only
  3. Box/plate pull
    • Forward then back with a 50m run after each one
    • 5-6 one-legged pulls per side, run it out
      • down and back!
  4. Cadence
    • 2 minutes at 94/188
    • 1 minute at 98/196


  • 5 x 1000m
    • 4 minute rest between intervals


  • Banded hamstring stretch
  • Get a lacrosse ball out for the sticky spots
    • hit the TFL/glute-med
  • Calf work


Plenty of rest and all the intervals are the same size.  So, keep them fast and mostly consistent.




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