Long Intervals, 1k loops

Warm-up Drills: Use your judgment and choose the two skills you think you need the most work with... Pose: change of position wall drills Falling In-place banded fall if you are doing with group, banded falls Curb drill, sides only Box/plate pull Forward then back with a 50m run after each one 5-6 one-legged pulls per side, … Continue reading Long Intervals, 1k loops


Long Interval Pairs

Warm-up 2 rounds: 10 walking lunges 10 air squats 10 walking lunges 5 inchworms Then: 200 meter cadence run (92/184 BPM) 200 meter cadence run (96/192 BPM) Workout 2 rounds: 800m run 3 minute rest 1 mile run 4 minute rest Mobility Roll out hamstrings and do a calf-smash.  Go for a hike...