Medium sprints – Cadence

Skill Work

4 Rounds of:

  • 30-45 seconds of cadence work (92-94 bpm)


6 rounds:

  • 6 burpees
  • 400m run (cadence target 90-91)
  • 90 second rest


3 Rounds:

A1) 1 round of cadence skill work above
A2) 1 minute plank hold


Couch Stretch

Today’s theme is cadence consistency.  Working on cycling is important and 90 is the lower bound before it’s actually detrimental.  So, today we’re going to work on cycling our run at a consistent cadence even when our heart-rate is a bit elevated.

You’ll need a metronome for the cadence work.  On the bright side, there are plenty of apps for iPhone and Android that do what you need.  For our level of work, even the free ones will do fine:  you just need to be able to specify how many beats per minute you want and you MUST be able to hear it, ideally on headphones.


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