Medium sprints – Cadence

Skill Work 4 Rounds of: 30-45 seconds of cadence work (92-94 bpm) WOD 6 rounds: 6 burpees 400m run (cadence target 90-91) 90 second rest Finisher 3 Rounds: A1) 1 round of cadence skill work above A2) 1 minute plank hold Mobility Couch Stretch Roll-out Notes: Today's theme is cadence consistency.  Working on cycling is … Continue reading Medium sprints – Cadence


Short Intervals: Tight Core

10 x 200m Rest exactly 1 minute in between efforts Keep them consistent Consistent positioning/angle Tight core Consistent timing Max spread 2-3 seconds across your intervals Score: track your best and worst intervals Finisher: 3 rounds: A1) 10 GHD situps A2) 30 unbroken heavy Russian KBS Mobility: Calf smash Notes: Today's theme is tight core. … Continue reading Short Intervals: Tight Core

Initial Benchmark

Baseline Test: -For Time- 500m Row 40 Air Squats 30 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups 20 Push-Ups 10 Pull-Ups Time: -Rest 5:00- 800m Run Time: -Rest 2:00- 400m Run Time: -Rest 1:00- 200m Run Time: Rest a couple minutes then… Max Weighted Plank (25# Plate): Max Strict Pull-Ups: Notes: You'll have a result from each sub-section.  If you … Continue reading Initial Benchmark