This page primarily exists to publish our workouts and whatever rambling I do on the topic of fitness, especially endurance training.  Now, I’m largely not interested in the traditional “run forever, you’ll get good at it” approach.  Do we need volume to get good at larger distances?  Sure, but that’s putting the cart before the horse.  Skills dictate positioning, positioning dictates movement, and movement patterns allow for volume and other outcomes.  POSE acts as our core running mechanic and the principles of CrossFit Endurance guide our methodology.

Most of us are CrossFitters and, in particular, this group grew out of a desire to add “a little bit of endurance” training on top of the already excellent programming at CrossFit 858.  If your goal is general fitness, this will be a bit light since it’s meant to be supplemental to good coaching and well-designed strength and conditioning fitness programming.

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